Pam Stanley Photography

W E D D I N G   I   F A M I L Y   I   S M A L L  B U S I N E S S 


I LOVE documentary photography. There is no better feeling than knowing the little moments you've just captured will be preserved into lifetime stories.

That's why I choose to specialize in documenting real-life stories that matter. My goal is to capture your story exactly as it unfolds, whether it's your wedding, focusing on the little details, the interactions between guests and your connection to each other, a "behind the scenes" look into your small business and brand or you just want to document your family exactly as they are now. Offering a unique and memorable take on more traditional portraits as these types of storytelling involve no "posing", minimal direction from me, little to no interaction with the camera and no forced "cheeses". Just real, authentic moments documented...So easy!